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Form_Validation Config file not working

I have been trying to move my form validation to a config file like in the user guide (here) and it took me hours to figure out its not working because I was setting the delimiters like this

$this->set_error_delimiters('<span class="Warning">', '</span>');

In a MY_Form_validation.php (library file).

Is there a way to get both... set a global error_delimiter and use the config validation file?

[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
I'm currently using a MY form validation, the config file with the 'rules' and a 'real' config file (look that one up in the manual) with delemiter_start and delemiter_end.
My app is loading and using that config, and I set the formvalidation delemiters with those values.

hope u understand, cheers

Not sure I fully understand... but I got it working by doing this

class MY_Form_validation extends CI_Form_validation
    function MY_Form_validation($rules = array())

        // Validation rules can be stored in a config file.
        $this->_config_rules = $rules;

        $this->set_error_delimiters('<span class="Warning">', '</span>');

Hopefully nothing is wrong with that method....

I do have another question though. Is it possible to call two $config rule groups?

So I could put email on its own group, so I could use it seperatly. But if i wanted to use the email validation on the signup page as well, i could call both groups signup and email.

[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
yes, that looks good. you can improve somewhat:

function __construct($config = array())

instead of setting $rules manually.

and yes, I think you can run multiple rules/group's simultaneous

if($this->form_validation->run('account/login') === TRUE){
// do shizzle with post vars
if($this->form_validation->run('account/other') === TRUE){
// do other shizzle with post vars

have fun!

I had a problem (auto)loading the form validation rules from a file (application/config/form_validation.php) as well.
The $config variable was reported not being defined, until I set the rules like this:


And I had to add 'form_validation' to the config files section of the autoload.php file.

I have the same problem:
Message: Undefined variable: config
after I moved the validation rules to (application/config/form_validation.php).

I am happy that you found a work around. It doesn't work in my case and I assume there has to be a different/official solution to the problem, since it is described in the official user guide.

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