Using Ajax with CI by minimal learning


I don't know whether this is just me, or that people have trouble grasping JQuery and Ajax in the beginning; it is not as intuitive as you'd imagine, like PHP is, or CI is. Given the very! important fact that I am living in Iran and have to self-learn everything by googling and such (I.E. no books due to sanctions), I was wondering if there is an easy-to-learn and use CI library that does most common Ajax tasks for me so I won't have to dirty my hands with the coding. I have looked in the wiki, and I have come across Xajax (which is out of date), and TinyAjax (which has its link leading to a page that no longer exists). There is also Taco Class (which sounds great), but I do not know if it is maintained or not (the webpage says the version is 4.05, but the wiki says 4.06.

All I need is a documentation like CI's (full of examples where possible, along with a function reference), and PHP-based as much as possible.


P.S.: sorry if this message sounds too picky; I had to try. Smile

You can try downloading CI 2.0, it comes with a new javascript library... If you download the source, the new documentation is included. Obviously it's still in development so there will be some bugs.

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