How to use foreach() in any controller function of Codeigniter

Hey Guys, I've stucked with a problem.
Can any body help me for..... "How to use foreach() in any controller function of Codeigniter". Actually, i've a piece of codes which are placed in a Controller function in whihc i'm using foreach(). Here is the piece of code.....
        $data['query4'] = $this->dboard_members_model->extract_login_user_status($ID,$UserID);
        foreach('query4' as $item):
        if($item->UserStatus == 5)
            redirect('dboard/warning_for_blocked_user/'.$item->DboardID.'', 'refresh');
            exit ;

what i'm doing at here is, i retrieved some information from DB MODEL function [ extract_login_user_status() ]. After this , i'm using "foreach()" in to extract the some data for comparing that with a a default value for making proper redirection to another Controller function.

So, at here my problem i don't really know how to extract those each & individual data return back from MODEL function. Please, if any body have any idea to handle such situation reply back as soon as possible.

Hey Guys, I've solved my problem. Ya, that was just a minor change i needed to do. I just change that $data[query4] to $data and use that $data variable in that foreach function. Really, it was silly mistake. Actu, i'm a beginner in CI. So, really not so much comfortable to twist every things according to the need.

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