Best IDE for CI

How do you mount it? NFS? I don't own the server, so it's not likely to be an option. I also tried ftpfs for linux, but it is really slow. Maybe worth another try.
Under windows, you can mount ftp filesystems. But when you create a "New project with existing sources" on Netbeans, you will get the popup to select the location. I can get to the mount point, but under that popup, files or directories are not shown, so It's a dead end Sad
Its a pity, there are many alternatives but none of them seems to be 100% reliable Sad

I don't know what OS you are using but I just do 'Places->connect to server', select FTP, put credentials, et voila, a mounted FTP Server. Running Ubuntu 9.10.

I'm using kubuntu 9.10. I also can mount ftp filesystems that way, but if you open a terminal window, and do a "mount" or "df", you will see it's not really mounted anywhere (i.e /mnt/ftp or some other real directory that Netbeans can reach).

How about Aptana?

I haven't tried it. Well, I donwloaded the demo, but it gave a CRC error while gunzipping Smile

I think, that there are no best IDE for CI. I'm using NetBeans btw. You should search about best IDE for PHP.

[eluser]Bart v B[/eluser]
[quote author="jiffier" date="1270670628"] About E-Texteditor/Textmate, I've never understood the hype. They are as useful as notepad to me, to be honest Smile[/quote]

As what i said before depence what you need aboute a php IDE. AutoComplete? Or need right code synthax?
On Ubuntu i always used Gedit, just simple and clean. Wink
By the way.. you can connect remote with E-texteditor/Textmate
When you make a mistake, i think it's better to learn the synthaxes then to be depended on a php IDE.
(read the manual Wink )
True, when i was learning it was simple, to have a tool to give me hints, but did i learn from it?
No, i learned the hard way... Writing my code by hand. Wink (i started with Zend Studio)

And i agree, there is no perfect php IDE, Not for php, and not for CI partially, it still to slow in my opionion..

Well the only real IDE is VIM but it takes ages to master, and who has time for that these days?

I've started using RapidPhP - might even buy it Smile Found quite a few editors to be total bloatware!Would love better support for frameworks in the ide though.

I gave NetBeans another try this week and I must admit I like it a lot.

But to those questioning the use of e-Texteditor, which I have used for a long time: There are a couple of very handy features I haven't been able to find in NB (but maybe I've missed them):
- Word wrap & Smart word wrap (the latter wraps leaving the left indentation intact)
- Column selection (make a verticle selection and edit multiple lines at the same time)
- Give PHP code a different background color than HTML code (I know the color coding in NB, but I can't do this in NB as far as I could find - and I loved this about e)
- Easy encoding/line-encodig/bom-marker conversion at the bottom right of the screen (which I use mainly for checking if everything is set correctly)

Of course NetBeans is on the whole a lot more powerfull. But e-Texteditor is a pretty good product for very little money which I've used for over 2 years now. Comparing it to Notepad is nonsense with features like those mentioned above, color-coding, project plane (based on filesystem or remote directory through ftp), powerfull search&replace;, code completion and
many plugins.

I think I'll make my move to NetBeans permanent, but it is not without some nostalgic feelings towards e-Texteditor. (which will remain on my system for quick edits)

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