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LDAP Library

[eluser]Dan Horrigan[/eluser]
I have modified the adLDAP script and wrapped it up as a CI library (all copyrights still intact). If you are interested, head on over to my site and let me know what you think (or not).



Thanks Dan for the great work. It saves a lot of my time Smile

I have fork you at github to share my changes back.


Add new user functions:
* Return a list of all users in AD search by samaccountname
function all_users_samaccountname($include_desc = false, $search = "*", $sorted = true, $filter = "")

* Set User Thumbnailphoto
function user_set_thumbnailphoto($username,$imagestream)

* Unlock a user account
function user_unlock($username)

Add new computer functions:
* Add a computer to a group
function group_add_computer($group,$computer,$isGUID=false)

* Remove a computer from a group
function group_del_computer($group,$computer,$isGUID=false)

* Return a list of all computers in AD
function all_computers($include_desc = false, $search = "*", $sorted = true)

* Obtain the computers's distinguished name based on their computerid
function computer_dn($computername,$isGUID=false)

Other changes:
* @function user_create: remove needed email attribute, because is not need to create a user account
* @function user_create: excape a comma seperated displayname to prevent ldap errors
* @function all_users: add additional filter attribute. usefull if you want to create filtered userlists
* @function contact_info: prevent error on empty memberof attribute
* @function adldap_schema: prevent errors if attribute is not set
* @function adldap_schema: add some missing attributes

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