Facebook connect wall post code error

Facebook connect wall post code error

it showing

Break on Error
Permission denied for <http://www.facebook.com> (document.domain=<http://facebook.com>) to get property........

function publish() {

      var attachment = {
     'href': &lt;?php echo  '\''.base_url() . '\'';?&gt;,
     'caption':'{*actor*} is playing FriendMatch!',
       'src':&lt;?php echo  '\''.base_url() . '\'';?&gt;+'uploads/'+&lt;?php echo '\''.$couponname [0]->photo.'\'';?&gt;,
       'href': &lt;?php echo  '\''.base_url() . '\'';?&gt;
   var action_links = [{'text':'Match Friends','href':'http://apps.facebook.com/frmatch'}];

   FB_RequireFeatures(["Connect"], function() {
     FB.init('*************', 'xd_receiver.htm');
     FB.ensureInit(function() {
         FB.Connect.streamPublish('', attachment, action_links);


At start it works fine but now it not working..[ not popup window ]....is thre any idea please help??????Attaching a copy of my application settings........

http://thetechnicalexperience.blogspot.c...blish.html this is the refered link...when php code inside of this javascripts its not working fine........

Is this just a typo with the extra space?
$couponname [0]->photo

Should be

If you view source of the page when it is rendered, is the script block have the correct values that are being generated by php?

problem solved,thre is a baseurl problem when iam not given &lt;?php echo base_url(); ?&gt; for an <a >.......thanks

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