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Large select issue

I've got a select with around 1100 items in it, however once a user selects over 200 items, only the first 200 are reported as selected. I never knew there was a limit like this (tested on FF and Chrome). Is this server based? Is there anything I can do? For reference it's a list of schools form around the world, which will have quick picks etc. once working. But at the moment it's failing when I pick schools from a single country in some cases.

No idea about the limit on select - but can you not reduce the list somehow? Perhaps by region / town?

A list that long is pretty hard to work through..

You could also offer an ajax autofill so that people can type in the first few letters of the school name, or location and select from there?

I wouldn't like a list that long!!


Other browsers?
But if FF and Saf fail to work as intended... I'd be surprised if anything else would be ok...

I can't remember having ever read about a hard limit. But I can imagine that you are limited by other factors.
When sending information, the form data has to go through POST or GET. Maybe you are reaching the limit of the total size of POST or GET, or maybe there is a limit to each entry in POST or GET. I don't really known. I have found articles online about similar problems.

I agree with Narkboy, your list is just too long. Split it up into multiple lists. By first letter, by country, whatever.

My first impression was that Mat-Moo's problem is related to POST/GET max size, but I guess what he is saying is that when he reaches 200 elements selected, 201, 202, 203 etc do not get selected state - its all before submit.

I see. I was confused because Mat-Moo wrote " Is this server based? " so I thought it had to do with more than just the browser.

Maybe browsers do limit this to what they feel is a "reasonable" amount, to prevent values from breaking in the form post process?

Anyway, I really can't see anyone manually selecting hundreds of items from a list of thousands. That is just not going to work.
So I think Mat-Moo should reconsider the approach anyway.

I think you're abusing the user a little with this sort of interface design. Ideally the select control should have just enough items to fill it - nobody likes to scroll through a long list of items.

As some other people have already said, it may be time to re-think your approach. Could you maybe expand on why the user would want to select over 200 items?

Replace that select with checkboxes, it will be much easier to read and select. I couldn't imagine user frustration if he loose selection of 200+ elements, and need to repeat that. Also checkboxes are easier to track.

I know the list is not ideal, I never expected the list to be this large (started at 200 items, 1 country). I'll have to talk with the boss and see if there are ways we can break this down more...

For reference, my issue appears to be with Suhosin :-

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