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how to turn off session

Does anybody knows a way to completely turn off cookies and sessions in CI ?

simply, don't load it

by default codeigniter doesn't initiate sessions or send any cookies. so to answer your question you don't need to do anything - they are turned off.

I inherited a project running on CI, I built a REST API on top of it, I don't have full knowledge of the code base yet. I can see from the HTTP headers that session cookies are passed in the responses and as I am not "loading it (session)" in the REST section I wrote it means the session is initiated somewhere else.
I'll look for it, thanks again.

take a look in:

if it's not there, check if the Controller class has been extended and loads it:

[quote author="eoinmcg" date="1271333614"]take a look in:
Thank you, as you said, it was in fact in the
$autoload['libraries'] = {...}

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