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many problems on real web server

hi there,
i'm new in a codeigniter so i have few questions and problems:
http://pbury-test.c0.pl/musicCI2/index.php this link supposed to move you to my site but... i have to put: http://pbury-test.c0.pl/musicCI2/index.php/musicGlowna to get there. i donno why because on my local serwer(xampp) this works fine. in addition i've put the default controller in my routes file.
next problem is my paths. i have a function in my class (not in a controller) like this:
public function tworzGalerie(){
     $pliki = array();

     $sciezka = './images/galeria';
     $katalog = opendir($sciezka);
     $content = NULL;
     while (false !== ($nazwa_pliku = readdir($katalog))) {
        if ($nazwa_pliku!='.' && $nazwa_pliku!='..' && !is_dir($sciezka.'/'.$nazwa_pliku)) {
   $licznik =0;
   $file = "";
   echo "<table class=tabGaleria ><tr>";
    for ($z=0;$z<count($pliki);$z++){
        $file = $sciezka.'/'.$pliki[$z];
        if (($licznik % 5)){
           echo"<td><a ><p align=center ><img  /></p></a> </td>";
        }else echo"</tr><tr><td><a ><p align=center ><img  /></p></a> </td>";    
        echo "</tr>";
    echo "</table>";
    echo $licznik;
    echo $this->tmp;
    return $pliki;

this function should make an image gallery on ma view page. $sciezka is a path to the folder with images. and again: on local works gr8 and on web server it doesnt see files:/

the 3rd problem is a agile carousel problem. here is my config:
<div id="slide_holder"><img class="loading" src="agile_carousel/images/ajax_loader.gif" alt=""/>

                        php_doc_location: "&lt;?php echo base_url() ?&gt;/agile_carousel/make_slides.php",
                        path_to_slides: "&lt;?php echo base_url() ?&gt;/agile_carousel/agile_carousel_slides",

                        slide_directory: "agile_carousel_slides",
                        remove_content: "yes",
                        slide_buttons: "yes",
                        slide_number_display: "yes",
                        transition_type: "fade",
                        next_prev_buttons: "no",
                        water_mark: "no"



and 3 declarations in header:
&lt;link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="&lt;?php echo base_url();?&gt;agile_carousel/carousel_glowna.css"/&gt;

the same thing: local ok, web server not:/

You have bad coding style.

First: You should not use echo ... try to use view() or template parser.
Second: You should use spaces ...
Third: Enable showing error on your PHP via:

Your first problem may be using constuctor in your "default" class. Default means default constructor class, it's default welcome.php.

In your second problem you should try: echo __FILE__;, to set your paths correctly.

Your second problem is unreadable Smile you should write: <scr.ipt></scr.ipt> (with dots).

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