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Hello ALL
I am really happy to get some quick reply on my "How to build dynamic tree view". i think this is the POWER of the CodeIgniter Community. :-)
Anyway, while i study about CodeIgniter there some questions arise. Also some suggestion:

1. Obviously CodeIgniter based on MVC architecture. there is also "Helpers" & "libraries" . but if there will be another "section" like "components", where basic used components (tree view, grid, list view) are available. what do u all think ???

2. I study the "Blog creation" tutorial. That was COOL. but my request to CodeIgniter "guru" to provide a little bigger tutorial for freshers like ME. ;-)

3. Lastly, is there any Reporting tool like crystal report that i can use with CodeIgniter?

Best Regards to you ALL

1. The CodeIgniter framework already has a few component classes like the HTML Table Class and the Calendaring Class so following their conventions the components that you suggest would be libraries. I think the grid would even be a child class of the html table class.

2. I don't know what kind of tutorial you have in mind but i think you can find example code looking at the demo's of the libraries. I suggest you read the user guide careful and watch the forum closely and you will get started soon. This is how i am still learning how to use CodeIngiter to my benefit.

3. The core classes let you to build a html for reporting the data .
If you want to use a PDF report , use the EZpdf Classes, or any PDF class.
A Crystal Report ..... it is not in the CI framework


Felice Ostuni's Rapyd library is basically a set of components for CI, but lacks a lot of widgets you would normally find in a components library (a tree component is the prime example).

I myself use the EXT JS library which does feature drag and drop grid and tree components. I store PHP wrappers for these Javascript components under plugins/components/. The EXT JS library itself is stored in includes/javascript/ext/. I wrote a simple helper to use in my master views and plugins to handle the insertion of the javascript and css paths in the ext directory.

I have not seen anything as comphrehensive as Crystal Reports in the PHP world. If you do find something, I would appreciate knowing.

hi chishty:

i understand what you mean, but in fact, in the next two week you'll be fixed and find you didnt need those.

just a tips, come see us on irc.freenode.net #codeigniter and you'll find question/response live.

good luck !

Off topic but.... :long: what software i can use for IRC chat? How to confugure it? Thank you Ciao

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
I prefer NoNameScript myself, but you still need mIRC to install it on top of.

Thank you..... this seems not easy ... but i will try.... Ciao!!!

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