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How can I open pdf file into browser?

Hi all,

am using DOMPDF.

I don't want to open pdf file like as attachment file.

I want to open pdf file inside the browser?

So How can i get this result?

Thanks for your assist.


Don't you need a PDF reader that has a plugin for the browser that you are using.

For example I'm on Chrome and using Adobe Reader. When I try to open a pdf file it opens directly in my browser.

Hope this is what you are asking.

hi ,

Thanks for your reply.

Exactly am not asking this.

am using DOMPDF Plugin to create PDF file.

When I open browse my controller, pdf file has opened like attachment file.

but I don't want to open like as attachment my file.

Last time I used FPDF plugin. This plugin has two option
one is attachment and one is browser.

I want to use like FPDF plugin.

What are option are available in DOMPDF? and How can I setup ?

Please advise.

Oh! Sorry about that, I didn't see the DOMPDF part.

To tell the truth, unfortunately I don't have any idea as I didn't use DOMPDF before but I've done a quick search and came up with the offical FAQ of DOMPDF.


Hope it works for you

Hi egunay,

Thank you so much.

You sent me correct link.

Exactly I was looking this result.

Thanks for assist.

I solved my problem using this link.

Thank you & appreciate you.

Specifically, the code would this
$this->dompdf->stream("welcome.pdf", array("Attachment" => 0));

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