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[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
I have been working on a CI-Centric webhost for the last couple months. We're in private-beta right now, and are accepting beta requests (, but am looking for suggestions as to what you guys would look for in a CI-Specific web host.

We current offer the following on a per domain basis:
* Auto-install/configure CI
* Auto-add a database
* Automagic DB and CI Connection
* One-Click PyroCMS installations
* prebuilt .htaccess
* Ability to clone, disable, & rename domains
* Ability to Change CodeIgniter Versions (1.7.2 and 2.0b, currently)
* Shell Access with git, subversion, and Mercurial installed
* Built in GoogleApps/Gmail integration
* 300mb/domain Storage
* Bandwidth is currently 'Fair Use.' We'll let you know if you're using too much.

As well as a few other minor tweaks to the CI folder structure. Please let us know what you'd like to see.

$5.50/mo for 1 Hosted Domain, $14.50/mo for 3 Hosted Domains, $28.50/mo for 100+(unlimited-ish) domains.

This isn't CI-specific, but any possibility of version control via svn, git, etc?

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
Yeah. Git is installed. We've been looking at supporting svn and Mercurial since it's now what CI is hosted on.

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
Edited the original post with a couple extra things.

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
I guess it's perfect then..

Carrying on...

What's the pricing?

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
I've edited the original post with pricing, bandwidth, and storage amounts.

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
If you could come up with something like a Heroku for PHP, I would be on board. Wink

[eluser]Zack Kitzmiller[/eluser]
That's pretty much the idea.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
+1 from the PyroCMS team, we are all impressed and providing official support for your installs!

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