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Which is best for ACL?

Spotted this a few minutes ago and it may apply to earlier messages in reference to Zend_ACL and storing ACL infomation in a database. It's an extension to Zend_ACL posted on phpclasses.org. Have not looked at this, but the description seemed to apply.


What I don't like about any Zend solution is that the Zend Framework appears to be writen for PHP5 only. I still have clients using PHP 4.x and MySQL 4.x and need to keep my code compliant.

Exactly.. that's my main concern as well. Isn't there any other ACL available?

Zend Framework isn't really a solution for me because:

a) As mentioned above it would load it's own libraries, which means more resources/time overhead.

b) Requires php5.1.x at least and I would like my app to be php4 compatible. On the other hand, frankly enough, my own host is using 5.0.5.

[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
[quote author="Valdemar" date="1195005673"]
a) As mentioned above it would load it's own libraries, which means more resources/time overhead. [/quote]
Zend Framework components were designed to be isolated from one another. The acl component doesn't rely on any other framework component (except the zend_exception class which can be changed to the native exception with a search/replace).

If using Adodb for database abstraction is not a problem, you can use phpGACL. If you go that route, use the updated Adodb integration instructions at CiForge rather than the wiki instructions. It should be possible to convert phpGACL to use the CI DBAL with a bit of work.

There is a RBAC solution on sqlrecipes.com. Download instructions are mentioned in the comments on the article that discusses the solution.

Of all the Access Control Libs/Models for CI, has anyone determined which one(s) are close to an RBAC implementation? as described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-Based_Access_Control

And this RBAC system http://www.sqlrecipes.com/database_desig..._system-3/

Someone mentioned porting it to CodeIgniter, does anyone know of it's success?



[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
glemigh, thanks for the link to that article. Based on the following quote, I think the Zend Framework ACL is a RBAC:
Quote:RBAC differs from access control lists (ACLs) used in traditional discretionary access control systems in that it assigns permissions to specific operations with meaning in the organization, rather than to low level data objects. For example, an access control list could be used to grant or deny write access to a particular system file, but it would not say in what ways that file could be changed.

With the Zend ACL you can assign roles to resources, but you can also add privileges into the mix. Take the file system example above. With the Zend ACL you can grant or deny privileges (write and/or read etc.) to a resource (the file system or a file) for a role.

Your welcome for the link, and I downloaded the Zend FrameWork to have a look.


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