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URI Encoded Forward Slash Issue

I know that similar questions about this have been asked here before, so I apologize if this is redundant, but after searching the forum, I have been unable to find a solution for my problem.

My problem is simple, I have a search on my site that needs to be able to work for exact matches on terms containing special chars, including forward slashes.

First, I was trying to pass the encoded search term but got a server 404.

I enabled AllowEncodedSlashes in httpd.conf to resolve the server 404, but now CI is treating the encoded forward slash as a real slash, and putting everything after it into the controller as an additional parameter.

I need the entire encoded search term to come through as 1 param, not multiple (i.e. N * the number of slashes).

What can I do to prevent CI from parsing the encoded slash?

Note: I need a solution that doesn't require coding a char substitution for slashes (i.e. converting "/" to "_").

Thank you in advance!

FYI: if anyone encounters a similar, I managed to resolve this by switching to REQUEST_URI as the uri_protocol in config.php

[eluser]Eric Brown[/eluser]
Was this ever figured out? I'm having the same issue.

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