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Trying to call uasort from within a model method

I'm trying to call a custom sort function from within a method in one of my models so I have something like:

class Part_model extends Model {
    function __construct()

    function my_sort($a, $b)
        // sort code

    function some_method()
        $anarray = array(...);
        uasort($parts, 'my_sort');

Problem is I get the following error:
Quote:uasort() expects parameter 2 to be a valid callback, function 'my_sort' not found or invalid function name.

I'd imagine this is because just like if you were calling the function normally from the method you'd use something like $this->my_sort('aval', 'bval'). I tried passing '$this->my_sort' into the second argument but that didn't work either. Any ideas?

[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
look at example #3 here.
you can see you must pass an array for a cmp function that sits in a class.

but my thoughts: move your compare function to a helper and load it.


Is example three really the same situation? I'm trying to call sort from within one of my methods. In example three they're not calling sort from a method so they just follow the standard usage since the methods are in the local scope... right?

[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
well, I don't think the scope is the same... uasort expects a valid callback. Normal usage is a 'normal' function, not a method within the class.

maybe is array($this,'my_sort'); valid, but I doubt it since $this should be a string.
maybe you can use __CLASS__ for the current classname (but does calling uasort then create a new object of the class?)

[edit] weird language mixups


//Note use of array to reference member method of this object in callback

To add to Rob Gordijn and noctrum: you can specify either a class instance (object) or a class name (string). Both are okay.

Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the help. I used the snippet that noctrum posted and everything is working!

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