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Hi people, I have a project to submit by the 3rd of September this year and I’m a bit worried that I might not be able to complete the task before deadline. I am totally new to CI and fairly knowledgeable in PHP…however, my supervisors are demanding quite a monumental task since its for my MSc.
They want me to develop a template like CMS that any organisation with members can use and customise to suite their own organisation. The organisation(s) can pick and change the logo area, navigation menu, content, pictures… Basically my questions are:

1. Can CI do it?
2. How long can this type of project take me to complete?
3. How long will it take me to learn CI to be able tackle this project?

Please I need your advice and contribution, thank you in advance.



[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
1. Yes ci can do it.
2. Depends on complexity from one week to many years.
3. Depends.

I would like some of the cms projects already developed and go from there. I know off hand pyrocms is one.

[eluser]Barber of Padua[/eluser]
You can do it with CodeIgniter within two months, it's probably even the best choice for you.
It's easier to learn than other frameworks (like Cake or Symfony) and extremely well documented. Trying to keep the project as simple as possible is of course always a good idea.

I learned CodeIgniter by reading this book:
Even though it gets a very bad review in the Wiki here, I liked it a lot and it helped me to learn the basics very quickly. It also explaines how to develop a very basic 'CMS' (well, CRUD with a login ;-) ) It's a quite practical book, imho.

Maybe this article is also interesting to you:

I don't know BackendPro, but maybe it is interesting for you to study or use (if you're allowed to use such things in your project).

good luck!

Thanks, The Barber of Padua :-), I am looking into your recommendations and will surely keep u posted with my journey if you don't mind...I intend to dedicate 2weeks of my project time frame to learn CI then kick start the actual development phase by the 3rd / 4th week of June...hope I am bn realistic here...? Anyway, thanks 4 ur advice really healpful...cheers

Thanks Eric,checking out pyrocms...thanks alot

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