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It's more of an SEO question, rather than Codeigniter.

Hello guys,

I have an issue down here, the site was built with Codeigniter and submitted to Google via WebMaster Tools (with sitemaps, etc...)

Google indexed the site, if i type in into a search bar - site:www.domain.com it would show the pages related to that site.

But, I can't find the site while doing a search for that particular page. The search keyword is not competitive, for example domain name, or etc..

Did anyone had such a problem?



[eluser]Simian Studios[/eluser]
Some more specific info would be useful.. what keywords you're searching for, the domain name, that kinda thing.

Also what keywords is Webmaster Tools reporting as being found on your site?

Is the domain/site brand new, or a new incarnation of something that's been around a bit longer?

I agree with Simian, I read this like 2 hours ago but because of lack of info I had no idea what to sayTongue
SEO is about words so we need wordsTongue


There is a site with pages like that:



Google indexed those pages.

When I type in: site:www.domain.com into google search bar, google would show the pages related to that domain name.


Then, i try to take plumbers-bn1 or builders-rm1 into a search bar and look for them - I can't find anything, even if I try - www.domain.com/plumbers-bn1 for example.

Is it more clear now ? :-)


[eluser]Simian Studios[/eluser]
Righto.. so I'm assuming it's a directory site.. as you know it is a VERY competitive market you're up against here, so its not altogether surprising if you're not high up the listings just yet, especially if you're a newcomer.

What keywords has Webmaster Tools decided are important on your site? That should give you an interesting insight as to what Google reckons is relevant. It's not always what you expect!

The best advice I can offer you right now is to start trying to promote and get backlinks etc - the longer your site's around and the more backlinks you get, the higher up the listings you'll appear.

Might be worth investing in some advertising as well, just to get things kick-started.

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