Codeigniter AJAX Form guide/tutorial.

how if we make it double, validate usner input by javascript then validate again with CI ?

Javascript validation is not secure, it can be easily bypassed.

I'm changing my mind. I think for many projects and forms JavaScript validation is fine. For data that could cause problems if invalid, you might still validate at the server.

I have to disagree pbreit, that stance is very insecure. Any client side (JavaScript) validation can't be trusted. Anyone can easily turn off JavaScript in their browser. It's like an ATM machine that asks "Is the PIN number you entered correct, YES or NO?". Of course ATM machines don't do that because it would be insecure. That's why it's called "client side". You can't ask the client to verify their own information. The only secure way is for the server to do it.

Javascript validation is useful, however, to improve user experience, where a user filling out a form might be able to see that they've done something wrong BEFORE they submit it.

This is NOT my opinion, it is fact. Do not trust the client to verify their own data.

I definitely agree with you slowgary. Client side validation is only for convenience. Server side validation is a requirement.

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