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Just a testament to how awesome CodeIgniter is.

Just thought I post a little story about my real-world use with CodeIgniter. As mainly a flash developer I really haven't touched much php aside from the real basics (ie I had no idea what sessions were). Any backend activity I would use existing solutions or build flash based admins *shakes head*.
I first heard about codeigniter from I think webresourcedepot.com (worth a daily check), then spied a few tutorials on nettuts last year, so I checked it out and had a play around. I was already familier with the MVC concept from working with flash so I got my head around the whole concept pretty fast. Though didn't really use ci / php after finding symphony cms (that's symPHony, not symFony), which basically did exactly what I needed with the flash sites I was doing - meant I could spend less time coding a backend and more time on flash.

Right, this setup worked great for 6 months until I ended up with a large html project on my doorstep. So I did my usual and built it out in symphony with the html frontend. Great.
Well, Not quite. It pretty quickly got to the point where by the limits of symphonys customization and I started to panic. I'd already spent hours working on the frontend / backend and I had less than a week before the site was to be launched. So I jumped onto the codeigniter forum and started looking for a decent ci cms or something I could build upon to save my ass...

What I ended up doing (because I could) was building a complete backend and frontend from scratch - yeah, I was up til 5 - 7am most nights, but I did it... and I loved it. I can not say enough about just how easy it is to build out an app or site (and this is coming from a flash dev) - It's weird but I feel as though I'm back at the exciting 'I can build anything' phase of programming which I remember getting with as2 years ago.

Thanks to the great community out there though (many of which I've borrowed parts of your app / examples to help me out).


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