How to change Controllers/Models source dir

I need to load controllers and models from a different folder than the default one. I am using a Linux system.

I am building a simple CI application for some people, for use on a shared hosting I own. But I want to give them access only to /views folder and some /config files. And this is why I need to store the controllers and models in a different folder on the same level as /public_html folder or maybe somewhere in the linux system.

I consider this would be a better solution than encoding files

How about creating a FTP account with rights only to views folder? I find a user shouldn't be changing anything in the config files. Most of those option values are for us dev's. Anything I feel an end user should have access to, I create a config/settings controller. Create a settings table where you add your option:values. I have a master controller(see Base controllers in signature) that queries the DB to grab the settings and make them available in your controller/views.

I was thinking to this too, but customers need cPanel or DirectAdmin.

Anyway I found this: . Trying to make it now.

You can also change the system and application folders in index.php

[quote author="noctrum" date="1276736051"]You can also change the system and application folders in index.php[/quote]
This is what I am trying to do now. But doesn't go too well.


At least I get a good message

Quote:An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load the requested file: welcome_message.php
Big Grin


Ok, I made it. If someone wants to know how just say it.

Couldn't you tell it without someone specifically saying it? OK so now I am saying it, please explain the process.

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