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Advice on TDD / Unit Testing Class

I have just heard of TDD and remembered CI's unit testing class (which I have never used). I wanted to know if it has been useful to you.
Are you doing TDD? (whether with or without CI)
Is there much to learn about this? I know CI's unit testing class is quite simple, but maybe I should research further if I want to be a better developer and start using it?

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
Yes the internal one is very basic but should give you an idea on how to start testing. I have actually ported simpletest and released this:

that looks amazing, how come I never heard of these things before T_T


So.. what am I supposed to do with this unit testing class? (the codeigniter one I mean)
I have been thinking but nothing came out
I must write separate files for the tests I guess, and maybe a test controller that gathers all the tests and runs them?

A simple example would be helpful (not necessarily coded)

I just wanna know the most basic usage for this, as I never used it

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
With the ci unit testing I just create a controller and then add all my tests in it. It is very lacking if you need more than just a few simple tests.

edit: SOLVED. Had to require it from index.php, not sure why.

Simpletest makes my apache crash when I require autorun.php from within my controller.

Any ideas?

yay! I finally completed my own simpletest integration

here's a screen: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/5278/mytestsuite.jpg

development is just getting more awesome :lol:

[eluser]Rey Philip Regis[/eluser]
Hi Eric,

Im using your Test Suit Library for CodeIgniter right now. I have a question, how do I test a controller?

Good day.

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