Emmmmm anyone no what this is

[eluser]The Casual Bot[/eluser]
I’m building an auth lib that allows access and denies based on class and method

so I have a library that auto loaded and told to ignore the login scripts and on every controller and function it check to see if the user logged in has access to that method if not loads an error page
And if it can’t find a record for that user it adds one and disallows access by default
This was so as I added more methods a just had to load the page to get the record in the db and could allow or disallow permissions as I needed
But hers where I’m scratching my head

While testing I keep seeing this

24, auth, img, 0

so 24 is the record id
auth is the class
img is the method
0 is the permissions true/false

however i have no method called img

and this was not a one off it keeps happening i know i could just script to exclude img but i would still like to now why???

any ideas

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
Are your images stored in an "img" folder? If so one may be missing and getting picked up from .htaccess instead of a 404.

[eluser]The Casual Bot[/eluser]
let me look brb

[eluser]The Casual Bot[/eluser]
yup it seem to be working fine now

there was a few img tag's that need fixing


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