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Large Multipage Form Best Practice

Hi Guys,

I have been developing a new web app and have come across an issue that I am not 100% on.

I need to collect a large amount of data from a form on multiple pages. I was going to send each page to an array and add to the session as Flemming suggested in Thread 156209.

My problem is that the forms could collect over 4k of data. So I believe session cookies are out for this.

The end result will create a text file so I was trying to stay away from stuffing this into a DB have you guys got any ideas of the best way of doing this.

Thanks in advance,


>So I believe session cookies are out for this.
Yep indeed. Maybe "real" PHP sessions (without CI, with the $_SESSION array).

or the native session library

With the big question what you think you will gain (i.e. file I/O versus DB I/O) by not using the standard CI session library (with DB backed sessions).

I agree, use CI sessions with DB storage.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply guys!!

Went with CI Session DB as was already using the CI sessions for other things.

It was also really easy to implement.

Thanks Everyone

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