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Clarification of CI


im new to CI and just when I was dipping my hands into modifying a script built on CI i was told by someone that sites built on CI are encrypted or compiled by their creators and so ppl cannot modify them as they cannot be de-compiled/decrypted. and if i try to do any sort of modification to that script itll mess up the whole script and render it useless/buggy?

is that true?

that person is an idiot .

Hi there,

First of all as twisted said, he is an idiot! Try these links to learn more about this awesome framework :







A creator might use ion cube or something similar to encrypt any php files. You will find tons and tons of freely posted code for CI. Even the source is hosted on open source repository for anyone to look at and submit bugs. And you should laugh really hard at the person who told you that.

PS congrats on finding CI and welcome to the boards.

thanx for all the info guys

one last question i had was could you tell post a code of CI and ioncubed code so i could differentiate between them and see if i can work with the given script or build my own (which will take time)

@TheIgniter: thanks a lot for the links. CI seems easy to use! watching the tutorials right now!

again thanks a lot guys

@usmansid, your friend is mis-informed. CodeIgniter and CodeIgniter apps are *NOT* encrypted in *ANY* way. No need to worry.

Ion cubed code would be like opening a binary file like an image or mp3 in notepad. You wouldn't reading thing out of it. The server would also need a server module to decompile/run ion cubed code.

A little thought is if you see regular php code, but it looks messed up, you may want to use a php beautifer. It will basically rewrite line breaks after ; and properly indent the code. Some people will compress there code by eliminating all white space in the file.

thanks a lot guys


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