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Looking for good CodeIgniter-code.

I have started to code in the fantastic CodeIgniter-framework recently. I'm looking for good codesamples to read so that I can improve my Codeigniter-coding skills. Is there any chance that you more experienced codeigniters could post some good codesamples or could give me a link to download codeigniter code for minor applicications etc..?

Thank you for any help

I wouldn't like to claim we write 'good' code, but the source of ExiteCMS is publicly available.

For Learning CodeIgniter with Good Examples, You can find in this Tutorial

[eluser]Simian Studios[/eluser]
A good resource to check would be the [url="http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/general/styleguide.html"]CodeIgniter Style Guide[/url].

While it may not help you write "good" code in the sense of it being the best code ever written (&tradeWink, it will help you write clean and understandable code. Clean and understandable code is easier to refactor, so it will help you to write better code in the long run.

It will be good for you to read some books like Head First Design Patterns and Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
it use Java but it is useful

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