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redirect problem

my url

when i click submit to add region using this code

after clicking my url look like

which is invalid path to add regions

please tell me where i am going wrong??

I dont understund, you to be redirected after the submit?
first try to change the url of your form_open :
try :

Like TheIgniter I don't really get it too.

But according to the User Guide the form_open() method creates a form tag based on your url settings from your config preferences. And you just have to pass the right controller and method, probably like:
echo form_open('admin/geographic/region/add');

echo form_open('admin/geographic/region/add');
this is my form open link and when i submit the
form using this url.
automatically url change like

geographic automatically removed from url.

If you are sure that the form contains the correct action URL, there are a few options:
- a mod_rewrite issue
- a redirect in the code
- a defined route (alhough that shouldn't change the URL?)

Redirects happen for a reason.

Set the 'log_threshold' to 4, and try to add some logging in strategic places using
log_message('DEBUG', 'We are now here and this has happened');
You can then check the logfile for anomalies.

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