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What IDE/Debugger?

What IDE/Debugger combinations are commonly used with CodeIgniter. I got all installed with Eclipse and Xdebug and I'm seeing issues getting CodeIgniter being friendly with that combination.

I don't enjoy the raw testosterone of using vi/command line to develop and test and prefer an IDE and a good debugger (not var_dump), so looking to see what others use.


Netbeans 6.8

Tried 6.9 and it has some bugs, I'll wait before updating

I love PHPDesigner. I tried Eclipse for awhile, but it just didn't hold up for me. The idea is great and I really wanted it to work, but PHPDesigner seemed way more intuitive.

PHPDesigner is Windows only and this week I'm Mac'ing it...

Fair enough. Can't speak to MAC land.

My vote goes for PHPStorm.

Try codelobster

On my Macbook, I use Netbeans 6.9 with Xdebug. Still some kinks in it though. I'd like to see profiling built into Netbeans. but Netbeans has grown leagues better with every "minor" version and they are released more or less every 4 months so I'd say go with this whether on Mac or windows. Trust me, I've gone through quite a few IDE's. Before netbeans I used Zend 5. But Netbeans is free and wonderful.

So far I'm liking Aptana but haven't tried Netbeans...

netbeas 6.9 is really great IDE, work really great for any kind of file php,css or html and also now code help for css class selector which help you create html themes, so far for PHP and Codeigniter its really great try.

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