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Codeigniter + MongoDB

I have been working with CodeIgniter for quite a while and eventually I ran into a project where the customer wanted to use MongoDB. At first I thought about writing a database driver, but then I realized that would never work because the drivers are based off of SQL logic, but MongoDB is a NoSQL style document database. I eventually came across Alex Bilbie's MongoDB plugin but found that it lacked the functionality I required, so I decided to use his wonderful code as a starting point and improve/extend from there. The resulting code can be found on github: http://github.com/kyledye/MongoDB-CodeIgniter-Driver

Please let me know what you think!

[eluser]Abu eldahab[/eluser]
This man should be thanked Smile

many thanks kyle now I'm using the new version of Alex Bilbe Active record which merged your code also Smile

just want to say thanks for your effort and good work


[eluser]Philipp Gérard[/eluser]
I'll second this. Thanks to the author(s) of this MongoDB-library. Very useful indeed.

I'm trying to get the get_where command to work, but it never returns anything despite there being records to the contary;

$results = $this->mongo_db->get_where('company', array('cash' => 50000));

This should return at least 3 companies where their cash is 50000 but it always returns an empty array.

If I do:

$results = $this->mongo_db->get('company');

This will return all companies. So Mongo is installed and working.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi there. Thank you for a nice lib. Can you help me with 2 exaples for my project

1) How to save files,like images and videos to Mongo via your lib...Could you show example

2) How to retreive and show image or video????

I would like to store images to.


There is info about storing files bigger than 4mb by using GridFS.

Been excited to use MongoDB, and this should be a great jumping off point, Thanks!

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