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Do you wish to see an ORM feature in CI 2.x ?

On a side-note: is there a clear definition of what the "EllisLab Coding Standard" is? Are you referring to the Style Guide in the manual?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
That's the badger. I had this link bookmarked instead, but they seem similar enough.


Same topics on both pages. I assume they are the same (assuming that they don't have different guidelines for CI and EE?)...

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Syntax will be the same, just different examples I assume.

You should use IRC dude, we speak quite a lot in various topics and it would be much easier if you just hopped on there with the rest of us Smile

[eluser]Nameless One[/eluser]
I'd really like to see an ORM packed with CI, but I can live without it. What I'd really like to see much more is support for some advanced database features which are not available across different database engines. For example, CI doesn't offer much support for Postgre's schemas which makes it almost impossible to use those two together. I'd also like to see support for locking specific rows in a table and for MySQL's "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" feature, and also some better database error management.

People will often argue against supporting features that are not available across all database engines by claiming that it reduces the portability of applications developed in CI, but I think that a migration to a different database engine without problems is just a dream anyway. What use is having a library that generates queries and works with all database engines when you can't use most advanced features with it?

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