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Free text search on encrypted data

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be storing data in a database that has been encrypted using the encryption class. However I was just thinking how can you do a free text search on the database if all the data is encrypted? Or is this not possible?


Simple way: Retrieve data from table > Decrypt it > Run u'r search algorithm over decrypt data

Create View in MySQl of decrypted data and use like ordinary table.

Great, thanks for the suggestions Smile

Just keep in mind that if your table has a -huge- number of records you might have memory problems.

Public Key encryption uses a different style of algorithm.Encryption is deterministic.Searching encrypted data is troublesome,since you have to decrypt it to search it.I use a password keeper program that has a notes field, so this is another way to store encrypted notes that many people may already have but maybe didn't think about storing notes there.

I will be storing data in a database that has been encrypted with the kind of cryptography. However, I thought you can make a free text search in the database if all data is encrypted.

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