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symfony style admin/backend generator


So you guys made CodeCrafter and CodeExtinguisher? I'll check them both out, but why don't you two merge your code and make an admin backend that autogenerates CI code.

Good idea, Egg.

CodeCrafter has always suffered from being a generic tool that is useful for building code segments and is useful as a developer tool to generate (as someone suggested) "ugly code". CodeExtinguisher takes the approach of providing functionality in a production environment.

Merging them is a thought I toyed with, but I didn't find the time.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Agreed that CodeCrafter's generated code is a tad on the mingy side, but its still a very good solution. If you think about some of the popular tools like Rapyd or... (dammit I forgot the other one), they do not generate code for you, but built it on the fly.

This is WONDERFUL while you are developing it. You can make sites in a few minutes, wonderful! But the price you pay to limit your coding time is increasing the server's work, which in the long run is not worth it.

What i'd love is something like an export feature on Rapyd to create your forms, controllers, views and models. Perhaps some way to construct the model in your own format. for example all models need get, update, insert, list, etc, perhaps one model function could be there as an example then the others are created from this?

Either way these guys have the right idea. Dont give them any stick about automating CRUD, as if you program for the love of programming... do you REALLY love doing the same old form handling crap OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER? I thought not!

Codegeneration seems kin of useless to me unless you have like a 1000 people constantly using your CodeeX based webapp. Even than, I would consider having more hardware instead of losing the ability to fix or change things on the fly.

Although I'm not quite sure what Thoer is saying, I'm tending to disagree with that point of view.

Code generation is a developer tool. It is linked directly to the level of effort the developer has to put in to provide the applications functionality. Having thousands using your application and having the best hardware is about optimising the user experience.

Both (the development process and user experience) are important aspects of development, and as thepyromaniac suggsted, there are two aspects to the development process. The development-time-code approach (like my own CodeCrafter) provides code that you use to build the functionality, and the run-time approach, like scaffalding and Rapyd that provide the applications parameters at development time and then generates and executes code segments as the application is running.

Choosing a type of code generation (or any code generation at all) is a matter how how much abstraction you are willing to release during the development process. For example, you might choose to write a driver to read from the database server, or you could use a provided database function, Likeiwise, you could choose to handcraft your code or get the tedious, repetitive stuff written for you.

Whichever way you adopt, its all about the user experience at the end of the day. I'm a developer, and to me a paying customer is what turns me on. A paying customer is a satisfied customer, so to me the development process is about satisfying the customer requirements. So I try and make pretty sure I get that right.

I think the best solution and one I would use if given the choice would be a code generation library which after testing I could export my code to files. Then I have the on the fly development version and the hard coded fast running live version.

Best of both worlds.

If anyone cares...or if it even matters...I just made "Ignition" available for download.

Someone in this thread mentioned simple generation and that what ignition does. It makes no attempt at creating admin backends, etc...just tell it what your model looks like and ignite your code.

If anyone wants to take it for a spin...its more like a rails generate mentality in that there' not some web interface etc. Just run one command: php ignite all YOUR_OBJECT (e.g. php ignite all Blog).

I'm using it now to rewrite my blog....

Anyway if this low-level code generation is of interest, check it out: http://ignition.lifewithryan.com

Code generation for me should simply create the mundane code and get out of my way and let me worry about implementing user auth, AJAX, style etc...

[eluser]Ben Bowler[/eluser]
This is a very interesting topic! Unfortunately it's a little out of date now.

Are there any similar tools which have been built and maintained in more recent years?

I've since moved over to the Python/Django stack and am loving it. Having said that, we still do a large amount of CI work and have tweaked the code generation script quite alot. Not sure it's ready for primetime or anything as we're still extracting the basics out to make it project independent but if anyone want some info, let me know. Again, we don't plan to work in authentication etc since that seems to be more project dependent.

Personally I'd like to see CI adopt the whole "reusable app" approach to development, but then again, that's why I'm using django now.

[eluser]Ben Bowler[/eluser]
Good to hear back from you!

I'm looking for a code generation because I'm building a PHP application on top of a labyrinthine MSSQL database which has been around for years. Ideally I'm looking to create the admin interface fairly quickly through code generation + auth system thus saving time for me to focus on the the front end which has effect on customers.

I'll check out ignition.

I'm very interested in progressing to Django as well. I know Mixcloud use it. What was your experience learning Python?


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