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how to build a codeigniter like ***navigation bar***(not menu)?

Is that a simple way to building a navigation bar like this:

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I was thinking using current_url function, but is that any another way to do it?

Search for breadcrumb, I think someone has made a library for that...

known as breadcrumbs.

some functions are available ~

for one of my projects i simply passed a view an array lke this:
$data['breadcrumbs'] = array('site/index' => 'Home', 'site/about-us' => 'About Us', 'site/details' => 'Details');

// in my view:
<div class="breadcrumbs">
foreach($breadcrumbs as $bread => $crumb) {
    echo anchor($bread, $crumb) . ' > ';

$key is the function, $value is the text displayed in the crumb.

not particularly extendible or fancy, but it did the job for said project.

Have a look at here too: http://github.com/benedmunds/CodeIgniter...bs-Library

wow, you guys are really helpful.
Thank you very very much.

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