CI and PHP6 - Problems?

I'm in the same boat as you, Derek. I actually had to roll-back one of my CI sites to work on a PHP 4 server, but it was a trivial task.

PHP 5 is dominant in my world. PHP 4 is the reality. Smile

There's a lot of wishful thinking about future versions in technology. Meanwhile, we live in a browser world where people could not even agree on the definition of a square box. If the heady prochecies of the early 90s had come true, we would all be doing our laundry remotely with a data glove by now. It's best not to worry or rejoice about the future until it arrives. Even William Gibson ridiculed his own part in talking way ahead of the curve in those days. He remained thankful for all the free conference lunches, though. In the end, it's better to look at the landscape than the hologram map. PHP 6 still lives in a galaxy far, far away.

there has been talk of
remove the possibility of short_open_tag in PHP 6
.. along with some other things some people fancy

I do not know how the current suggetion is,
but sooner or later it willbe only '<?php' and '<?php echo'

It was interesting to read some summary overview to the state of php 6.
One thing after the other was examined, and either approvedfor php 6, or rejected.
Some things was desireable, but we have to move slowly here
because many like this old thing.
We may have to make it backwards compatible - at least for some releases

If they would do as they have found best for PHP, for security or other logical reasons,
it would come as a total shock for many 'backwards' php scripters.
They do not want to upset .... not too many, not too much Big Grin.

Just look how many years it has taken, to get away with 'register_globals' and '$HTTP_GET_VARS'.
O mi oh my ....

Regards Smile

PS. Edit.

I found alink to the paper. It is from a php meeting late 2005.
So almost 2 years ago. A lothas happend since then, I suppose:
Developer Derek Rethan's website:

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