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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.3

@phil. Yes if you are using module languages then core/MY_Lang.php will be required but I don't see it being needed by everyone. I will leave it as optional at this stage.

@Peccavio and @XPerez, Thank you both for your appreciation.

Thank You for this wiredesignz, I got form_validation figured out and everything is working like a charm. Thanks Again!

@simpilot, No worries.

Modular Extensions version 5.3.4 is available on bitbucket


wiredesignz - thanks for continually providing and improving your awesome code. I keep seeing threads and other bullshit with people claiming they're going to write modular separation / hmvc the "right way". If a buffoon like me can figure out how to use ME, then I'm not sure from which direction these others think they are coming from. It's a transparent system... drop it in and start coding... there's not a whole lot left for personal preference as to how it works. Maybe these same people could improve some of PHP's native functions, too... oh, wait, doesn't CI have some wrappers for native PHP functions? Shit, what's going on in this world?

Aww fuck it.

Your stuff works, it works great, and I thank you for it!

[quote author="Peccavio" date="1284063876"]I feel like a newbie again[/quote]
There must be something simple I'm missing...

When from login.php (Triad under application/modules)
$query = $this->members_model->validate();
Get... Undefined property: Login::$members_model

When doing...
Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: CI::$form_validation

Filename: MX/Loader.php

Line Number: 141

Using version 5.3.4 and testing on CI 1.7.2

I'd welcome any clue anyone might lend Smile

Just updated Modular Extensions - HMVC on bitbucket, thanks to Developer13 for discovering my typo and logic bug in the Modules::find method.

Found that controllers really do need to extend MX_Controller.
class Login extends MX_Controller {

    function __construct()

This solved my problems

Thanks for the great work!

I have the code up and running.. except one issue.

I seem to have the same questions as Phil (I think), that I can't find answers on.. conserning use of Public_Controller, Admin_Controller and Whatever_Controller that the modules controllers could extend.

If modules controllers should extend MX_Controller, how can I make inheritance and code logic similar to how it was done "before"?

Like: Controller > MY_Controller > Public_Controller > Blog controller

I'm lost..

Wire, Phill first of all THANKS!!!!! this is great, I hope to have a full tutorial, lets say a minimun web development, no for me but to teach the junior team in my work

If you know about something like this please tell me

One more question, Phill is there a way to integrate tinycimm in the modular way?!!

Thanks again

@asylmottaket, Any controller can descend from MX_Controller, wether or not you actually use the MY_Controller class, you can have other base class declarations in the MY_Controller.php file, or, simply use the MY_Controller.php file to include your other base classes as well as the MX / Controller.php file.

@Ener1, try the wiki.

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