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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.3

Hi Wire,

I´ve tryed but I was asking for something a litle more developed, I have to teach this to people starting their fist steps, If I can find something suitable could be great.

Thanks a lot for your response and for you great work!!!!

Why do people keep trying to cred phil here? :question:

Confusion abound, apparently...

sorry my mistake, I know wire is the one, but I know phill has help too

anyway this is a hell of a job!!!!!

[quote author="Developer13" date="1284287428"]
Why do people keep trying to cred phil here? :question:
[quote author="Peccavio" date="1284063876"]
Thanks wiredesignz & Phil Smile
CI 2.0 with HMVC has me excited,
The two of you made it easy to get started.

I know who's who, wiredesignz authored this HMVC
and Phil wrote the article that brought me back.
Their dialog here has helped me get started.

@D13 and @Peccavio and @Ener1 thanks to you guys and all who support the HMVC design pattern. It is awesome to work with.

I thought
was working in my code before. With Modular Extensions version 5.3.4 it no longer works.

I see in the wiki...
Quote:modules::run() is now dedicated to returning view partials only

But this does works...

My kingdom for a "Request Factory"

Will at least have P_Controller extends MX_Controller
$this->request($controller, $action);

No wire once again thanks to you this is a great job and I think that is good for the comunity
I hope I can help as much as you have.

Is there any chance to add to the wiki a minimun (complete) example using the hmvc pattern?

Thanks in advance

@Peccavio, an example base controller using $autoload for modules and also modules::run()
class Core_controller extends MX_Controller
    public $data;
    public $autoload = array(
        'modules' => array('search'),
    function __construct() {

        $this->load->plugins(array('widget', 'parser'));
    function _remap($action) {
        if (method_exists($this, $action)) {
            call_user_func_array(array($this, $action), array_slice($this->uri->segments, 2));
        } else {    
            modules::run('error/error404', trim($this->uri->uri_string, '/'));
        $this->output->final_output = parser::parse($this->layout());
    function __call($method, $params) {
        return $this->load->_ci_cached_vars[$method];
/* End of file MY_Controller.php */
/* Location: ./application/libraries/MY_Controller.php */

@Ener1, I'm not sure how a HMVC tutorial would help you. Basically learning to code using the MVC pattern with CodeIgniter applies to HMVC also.

[quote author="wiredesignz" date="1284343026"]
an example base controller using $autoload for modules and also modules::run()

Couldn't ask for much more of a start ... thanks Smile

Edit: Might I ask, what is your parser plugin ?

Parser is the forums code tags!


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