Removing section from URI then continuing to controller/method

It does, but it returns it with the key:value pair, so calling a method that can accept a var, without passing it one, causes an error as it thinks the key:value pair is the var.

I don't know if it's only an example, but you can't use the ":" char, because it's part of the URI description.

protocol :// [ user [: password ] @ ] hostname . tld [ : port ]

When using a web browser, the default protocol is "http" and the default port is "80"
Then, if you write an URI with "key:value" at the end, the value will be used as the destination port.

Good point! I'm using "." and "|" now!

I'm having a similar issue where I would like to use a pre-controller hook to add variables onto the URI. So if a user clicks on a link with a URL:
I would want the pre-controller to change it to be
and then continue with the routing.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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