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Need Help in Facebook Connect

I am using Elliot Library to connect with face book, my client needs face book user email ID, but after spending a lot I could not succeed to get user email. I have very close deadlines please any body help me to solve this issue. Thnx

Hi Khawar,

I'm not familiar with the FB connect class but I recommend
you (due to your deadlines) to post your code, what you
tried to do and what kind of errors you get. Please don't
get me wrong but what kind of help do you expect just providing
the given informations?

I dont know which function to call to get user email

I am in the process of getting my head around facebook connect for an app we are working on just now, not the easiest API to get to grips with!

My understanding of getting a users email is...

Your application will need to request extended permissions for email which you request at your <fb:login-button> tag. I would assume that having requested the email permission it will be available within the user object.

All that said, I am not getting along with Elliot's library at the moment - I get the feeling that FB have moved over to the GraphAPI since it was created, but I don't know enough about it yet...

...that's my ongoing challenge!

Hey Guys we had the same problem as MorayWeb. Had trouble with Elliot's library and changed/added some stuff to make it work for us. Figured we'd make a tutorial to help people with the same problem:

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