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Odd problem displaying a view

Hi all,

I just fought with this for several hours. The code snippet is below:

Let me state first off that it works fine in firefox. This problem that I'm about to describe is issue with IE8.

If I use the form builder, the header tag will not show up no matter what I try. It isn't the CSS because even eliminating a style sheet, the <h1> tags never show up. If I enter in the form data manually, the <h1> tag shows up fine. I am displaying this in a <div> tag that I am populating with jquery using:

$('#login_form').load("login"); <-- name of my login controller
$('#popup_box').show('scale:content', function() {
// do nothing

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, i'd appreciate it.


(This code snippet is a from a view.)
<h1 class="popup_box">Login Form</h1>
    echo form_open('login/validate_credentials');
    echo form_input('username', 'Username');
    echo form_password('password','Password');
    echo form_submit('submit','Login');
    echo anchor('login/signup','Create Account');
    &lt;form method="post" action="login/validate_credentials"&gt;
        &lt;input type="text" value="Username" name="username"&gt;
        &lt;input type="password" value="Password" name="password"&gt;
        &lt;input type="submit" value="Login" name="submit"&gt;
        <a href="http://dev.quipp.it/login/signup">Create Account</a>

Hi Wade,

Maybe it would help to post the code from your load method. But at the least, maybe try again using the code you've commented out, but add the form_close function after the anchor function. Maybe that'll make it work. I'm only suggesting that because I've had trouble with IE where elements don't have their correct closing tags, but Firefox handles it OK.


Thanks Crikey,

Thanks for the tip. It fixed my problem immediately.

I'm a new to codeigniter and I missed the form_close thing. I set of tutorials and the form_close wasn't used. I assumed (incorrectly, obviously) that codeigniter closed the form itself, especially since I was seeing the &lt;/form&gt; tag in the source view and the firebug view from firefox.

Thanks again,

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