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Rick made me buy a MacBook Pro :p

So i've spent what a year and a half at least developing in CI, am travelling and decided to go Mac (Ok so the personal tour through cupertino helped), so I could have decent, native, local development on my laptop.

Have installed macports, port installed php5, mysql5... set up hosts etc. etc etc.

I can connect to the mysql server in navicat, 104% sure I have the connection details right in CI/php.

Problem: Cant seem to connect, and in my 'nix experience that's because PHP/MySQL arent playing nicely.

I've searched previous threads looking for your very helpful install instructions but something ain't giving.

Who's got a "Oh you just do this and it'll all work" for me? Tongue


[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Welcome to the dark side! This caused me a few hours of frustration also. For me it was a sock issue... ignite posted a solution on the EE forums that was my solution also. http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/55580/

Thanks for the reply Smile

Yeah I just undid the port install stuff and installed MAMP.

I can connect via TCP/IP but not socket, which is obviously now /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock... none of the stuff in that thread worked either... gah!

*Battles on

[eluser]Jay Callicott[/eluser]
I love me some dirty macbook pro...mmmmmmm....

Frustrating: Socket connection seems wired up properly now but something still isnt right, cant select the database I have created...

I have to say i'm really enjoying the MacBook Pro overall, the core 2 duo rocks Smile

why don't you just setup a subdomain to test stuff on?


I highly recommend getting textmate + transmit. They work together nicely. Smile

I'm travelling, the latency between my dev servers and here is hooooorrible haha...

Finally got it all going and its great!

(I use Dreamweaver 'cause it sets sites up well and can edit locally and put files to the server well)

textmate is better than dreamweaver. you should check it out. it is a very powerful text editor!

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