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Blank page weirdness.


I have a problem where a blank page is returned after I make a call to a search class I have but if I go to the controller and put in a simple echo statement it all works -- here's the weirdness -- if I then take the echo statement out of the controller (i.e. put the controller back to the way it was) it STILL works.

It carries on working for me for as long as I'm on the site but if I try the next day it's back to not working. The situation occurs in both IE and Firefox.

Of course I'd be grateful if anybody could shed some light?

Your controller is not ok, you are looking at cached page, maybe relevant parts of code would help us help you...

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
A blank page almost always means a PHP syntax error.

Yes, if php is set not to display errors.

If it is the case, then use development server and set it to display errors and warnings, and live server with those options disabled.

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