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[validation] problem with validation library and htmlentites (strange conversion)

Hi !
I have a problem with this code

$arr_data = array (
   "first"=>htmlentities ($this->validation->first),


In "first" field i try to use an htmlentites conversion, but when i insert the char 'à'
i obtain this conversion "Atilde sup2"(Ã&sup2Wink instead of "agrave"(&agraveWink

Could you help me??

(i also tried to apply html entities directly in rules with $rules["first"]="htmlentities" but nothing changes)

i wrote this code in a class....to see what this expression produce..
echo (htmlentities("à"));

and i got the same problem... Atilde..instead agrave.... why???

ok.. i found where's the problem....the problem is DREAMWEAVER!Tongue
In my dreamerver settings i set "utf-8" as charset but it seems to use another strange charset notwithstanding my settings.
In fact if i open file where i wrote "echo (htmlentites("à"))" with another (opensource and freeware) software i read
"echo htmlentites("Ã");" ... really strange

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