So, I’m working on a CI-based WebApp… (Commentary)

Pretend you need a gallery that is:

A.) Simple enough for a designer to completely customize the layout of without learning a complicated API.
B.) Doesn’t need a heavy login/plugin/module system (only need 1 user to manage it)
C.) Can password protect categories if needed
D.) Can upload files both via the web and via FTP (To a specific upload directory for later processing)..

What other features would you like to see?

My current design document looks something like this:
Technologies used:

PHP (5+)
mySQL / pgSQL
Any http daemon that supports PHP
Any OS that supports the above


Simplified Templating (Custom Template Engine)
XHTML / CSS Compliant Output
Support for virtually any image format
Categories and Sub-Categories
Password Protect Categories
Upload files via Web or FTP

NOT Features:

Heavy login/authentication system (1 user, the admin)
Complicated Layout changes via the Smarty Templating system

Obviously, this WebApp is being created utilizing the CodeIgniter framework.

I have some prototype code for some of the features (Specifically, the templating tool)

Only thing I can think of as feature is 'mass' action (i.e. delete all selected, or move all selected) so that I do not have to repeat action 1534 times for all foto's I have in a (submap) gallery.

Also - a nice upload screen would be welcome. Something with Ajax (web).


Definitely agree with the above statement. Anything you could do to one photo, make it possible to do it to mass photos. Make sure to support tagging too since some people love it and multiple image format. To be honest, look at flickr and take their features, they do a good job of having every single feature yet not making it cluttered either by hiding the option or using icons to represent the feature which declutters the page.

Another cool feature would be post to social networks/blogs either when you upload a new photo or finish a category/set.

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