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Problems with PyroCMS and Subdomain

Hi Guys,

that's the first time I'm posting so at first a nice hello to all codeigniters :-P

I know this is not the pyroCMS forum, but that forum is not very useful and I suppose thats a general codeigniter thing and I don't know how to solve ...

I have installed pyrocms on a special folder in my docroot, and the important thing is: I've setup a Subdomain so the url is http://dev.mydomain.com/pyrocms/

Now, after the installation, there is an Error:

An Error Was Encountered
Die Datenbank versucht eine ungültige Konfigurationsgruppe "dev" zu nutzen.

(in english maybe: The Database is trying to use an invalid configuration group "dev")

"dev" comes from my subdomain I think. But the error message doesn't really make sense to me.

The error comes from "error_invalid_db_group".

can somebody help me please? :-)

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Firstly, sorry that you don't find the forums very helpful. I'll be rolling some improvements to it shortly when we upgrade pyrocms.com to v1.0.

These changes should make it easier for people to spot new and unread posts, search, etc.

As for this problem, this is actually a feature! Smile

PyroCMS uses subdomain naming conventions for picking which database group to use.

You can open up config/database.php and put your dev server configuration into the $db['dev'] group.

Phil, can you specify where to look for config/database.php. I'm assuming you're talking about system/pyrocms/config/database.php. Is this correct? If so, I'm looking at that directory and I only see a file named database.php.bak. What's up with that?


Rename it to database.php


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