If you could change two things about the CodeIgniter forums, they would be...

[quote author="jedd" date="1290230028"]I'm going to keep one in reserve, and for now just suggest ISO 8601 date formats for the list of threads page - that wonky US mm/dd/yyyy format consistently screws with my brain.[/quote]

Especially as the 'posted' date is so nicely formatted but the joined date is different. Consistency people!!!

Also spam filters. It's been said, but it's really really really annoying. Like people using 'really' too many times..


One more addition: it would be nice if the search results are ordered by date. Now old ones can be on the first page, new ones on other pages. Which means that you sometimes "mark as read" while there are new ones you haven't seen yet.

edit: noticed Bullspit asked something similar...

In a forum listing, hovering over the title of a thread gives... the title! It would be useful to show the first paragraph or so of the text, as in certain other forum softwares.

More Features!

1) New forum topic - Forum Rules.

A lot of new users are not using code tags and not stating what
version of CodeIgniter they are using...

This should be a sticky.

How to use Post Reply and code tags to wrap their code.
How to specify the CI version they are using.


Better spam filtering.

Search Thread Facility, trawling through some threads looking for the info you want sometimes takes quite a while.

1.) New users are not allowed links in their signature unless they have a minimum of 5 posts on the site.
2.) More moderators to combat other types of link spam other than signature link spam.

I feel like even though I report spam, it takes a while for it to be removed. I, and a lot of others on the forums would be more than happy to help as a fair few people including myself check this site thrice daily.

[eluser]GSV Sleeper Service[/eluser]
a 'how do I remove index.php' sticky

[eluser]Abdul Malik Ikhsan[/eluser]
1. when edit posting, and submit, back to current page Smile

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Akismet - Why is the community still asking for a good spam filter?

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