If you could change two things about the CodeIgniter forums, they would be...

1) 'Mark all as read' button
2) some kind of info as to why my profile isn't visible.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
Quote:2) some kind of info as to why my profile isn’t visible

This too is part of the anti-spam efforts. After a certain threshold of activity, your profile will be visible.

[quote author="vitoco" date="1290415478"]a "SOLVED" button, just that[/quote]

+1 The very best thing about searching on forums.....

Other.... Forums by country language... yeah the english is a universal Language.... but not all understanding... ( Me for example... my level it's very poor.... sorry).

[quote author="Derek Jones" date="1291162583"]
This too is part of the anti-spam efforts. After a certain threshold of activity, your profile will be visible.[/quote]

That is what I assumed. I think what I meant by my comment is an 'About' page that defines those thresholds, and possibly the difference between a 'Summer Student' and 'Lab Assistant'.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
The exact details aren't revealed, as we don't want to help spammers game the system (too quickly). The "rankings" are just fun labels that are tied directly to your post count.


I am really liking how you and the rest of the EllisLab team are starting to get back in touch with the community not only just for the Codeigniter framework but also the Codeigniter forums and actually asking for our input to help stop the spam and make the forums a better place.

I've been thinking that perhaps a tutorials forum might be useful as well. I and I am sure a few others would contribute some beginner tutorials for people wanting to start with Codeigniter and learn how to do new things with it.

- anti-spam but only to a certain automated extent. I'd agree more to spam somehow managed by active moderators.

- a stickied newbie guide to the forums.

honestly i really like the forums just the way it is right now but yeah there's still room for improvement. one thing that convinced me in choosing CI as my preferred framework is the community since the forums appealed to me as friendly and approachable. unlike other framework communities which gave me an impression of a somewhat "elitist oh so mighty noobs not allowed" group. so if CI wants to tighten its belt, please still be that "friendly and approachable" =)

my 2 cents worth

1) search by thread
2) solved button
3) to be able to filter searches by solved problems would be nice.
4) a voting system on answers to questions (a bit like stackoverflow).

...sorry hadn't posted in ages so I go and give 5 answers to a question that requires 2. doh.

How about pre-filling the "Fast Reply", "Post Reply" and "New Topic" input textarea with some very simple and basic reminders that the user may have forgotten in their rush to post, eg:

Have you specified:

1. Is your title clear and concise

2. CI version

3. Operating system

4. PHP version

5. Database

6. What do you want to achieve

7. What you have tried and the results

8. The error messages

9. Have you searched for a solution

10. Have you used the code ... /code tags and previewed your post

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