If you could change two things about the CodeIgniter forums, they would be...

[eluser]Cesar Kohl[/eluser]

I'd like to see a couple of things, that have bugged me before:

1. Possibility to moderate own topics
2. Possibility to delete own post
3. Possibility to subscribe to a RSS feed of a certain topic (not the whole forum)

Also I noticed that the email notifications don't seem to be working very reliably. Or do I only get constant notifications if I click on the link in every one of them and read that post?

Personally I would love it if the topics in this forum would be categorized better into "Newbie Questions" and "Advanced Questions" and also a better separation between Bug Reports and Library Support for external libraries. Maybe tags could help, but most importantly I think that the 8 main categories could be broken down a little bit more to create a better order.

Visually I would decrease distraction from the discussion by profile pictures (too big for my taste) as well as those long (and recurring) signatures. There's quite a lot of visual overhead on the discussion pages that make it hard(er) to follow the thread. Maybe the forums at CI could be stackoverflowed a little :-)

I DO like the "fast reply" function as well as the post form (although it would be nice to see the actual thread above that, too).

1. Enhanced Search w/ results display (ajax based). Suggested results with some results
2. Live Support - like Chat. Open for all so that anyone who wants to help out can change its status that "available to help" etc.

[quote author="HdotNET" date="1291873909"]1) search by thread
2) solved button
3) to be able to filter searches by solved problems would be nice.
4) a voting system on answers to questions (a bit like stackoverflow).

There is a work-around for item 1 with a Google site search. However, I would ditto all these feature this user has asked for.

+1 for searching within a thread (without a workaround ;-))

Maybe something like a knowledgebase would also be a great thing to minimize multiple repetitive questions about solutions that can't be found in the user guide, but users have posted in the forums over and over again. Kind of a moderated comment / discussion section for specific functions / libraries like in the PHP docs... just brainstorming...

I wouldn't change anything the forum is verygood !

I think there could be a seperate javasript section. There is many questions about javascipt.

It works pretty well for me, but maybe a forum for non-newbs that requires at least x posts to ask a question.

That said, newbs often learn a lot from discussions they don’t quite understand yet. Plus, I’m a semi-newb grin

[quote author="Cesar Kohl" date="1292356227"]GAMIFICATION[/quote]

a notice (like recommendation or anything that can help the person and make him feel that his not abandoned) if no one respond to your concern.

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