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BraveNewIgnition - CI 2.0 + Modular Extensions + Doctrine preconfigured

Hey all,

Ive create a small CI2.0 repository including a few things I have been utilizing each time I start a new CI site, which includes Wiredesignz's HMVC extensions library as well as Doctrine, which allows you to take CI to a whole new modular level through defining database models along with the modules themselves. I just updated to using CI 2.0 yesterday, and with 2.0 came a few things that needed to be changed in order to make doctrine work as well as Wiredesignz's library.

Anyways, you can find it below, let me know if you have any questions or difficulty setting it up.


Documentation is sparse but more will be added soon.

Also if enough people find it useful, I may end up extending a few things to expand upon the modularity, one being a centralized user guide that loads from each individual modules directories, so that multiple people could contribute modules in a completely modular manner that is well documented, clear and easy to expand. I work w/ Magento everyday and although certain aspects may be overcomplicated, overall it is an incredibly powerful application due to the fact that it is so expandable and has such a solid base to build upon. I would love to see CI go in that direction while retaining its simplicity, if it did it could become one hell of a powerful framework...

Excellent idea just what I was looking for, thanks

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