difficult URI Routing

I need to have these urls for my app:

/ajax/load/page/main - for controller frontend/index

/ajax/load/page/about - for controller frontent/get_page

/ajax/register for controller user/register
/ajax/login for controller user/login
/ajax/lost_p for controller user/lost_password

/ajax/user/200/ for controller user/get_page
/ajax/user/200/contacts for controller user/get_contacts
/ajax/user/200/comments for controller user/get_comments

/ajax/seller/300/ for controller company/get_page
/ajax/seller/300/contacts for controller company/get_contacts
/ajax/seller/300/comments for controller company/get_comments

200 and 300 are examples of ids

How to do these routing correctly? And how to receive params from controller?

URI Routing is as followS:

[folder] / [controller] / [function] / [param1] / [param2] / [paramN]

You - you can make a controller class called 'Ajax' which will contain the following functions:


Anything after the function call in the url is passed as a param.



Calls the 'foo' controller, finds within it the 'bar' function and passes 'bar' 3 params - 1, 2, and 3.

class Foo extends Controller {
    function bar ( $a , $b , $c ) {
        echo $a . $b . $c;
Will give you:

"123" in your browser.

I would suggest that you rearrange the urls so that they more naturally fit this pattern - it will save complex routing and make life easier all round.


May I use something like this?

$route['ajax/login'] = "frontend/login";
$route['ajax/logoff'] = "frontend/logoff";
$route['ajax/user/(:num)/about'] = "user/get_about_tab";
$route['ajax/user/(:num)/comments'] = "user/get_comments_tab";

I can't rearrange the urls because I am backend developer only =(

[quote author="SpaceCoder" date="1291326834"]May I use something like this?

$route['ajax/login'] = "frontend/login";
$route['ajax/logoff'] = "frontend/logoff";
$route['ajax/user/(:num)/about'] = "user/get_about_tab";
$route['ajax/user/(:num)/comments'] = "user/get_comments_tab";

I can't rearrange the urls because I am backend developer only =([/quote]

Yes, you can - if you've no control over the urls then you'll need to use routing. You'll need a 100% complete list of all possible urls so that you can 1) design an appropriate controller / function list and 2) define routes that will work exactly.

PITA though - these urls are a little backwards...

Routing gives you very fine control - you can, at worst, define a rule for every different URL. Not that you want to!

[eluser]Bart Mebane[/eluser]
If you use
$route['ajax/user/(:num)/about'] = 'user/get_about_tab/$1';
the id number will be passed as an argument to your controller function.

And how to specify different 404 error pages?

if requested
/ajax/smth/smth/*/smth - display mini 404 error for ajax.


/404/error/ - display full 404 page

Please, help!

[eluser]Bart Mebane[/eluser]
If you're using CI 2.0, you can specify a
$route['404_override'] = 'error_controller/not_found';
in the routes file. If you're using CI 1.7.2, it's not as easy. If you search the forums and the wiki for "custom 404", you'll find several ideas.

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