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How to integrate (NEW) Facebook API into Codeigniter 2.0

Hello all CI fellas. I have spent considerable amount of time over the last few months trying to marry Facebook's new API and Codeigniter. And although I first thought that the marriage was made in hell, I soon realized it is easier then I thought.

Fruits of my labor are here:

Codeigniter 2.0 and Facebook API - HOW TO GUIDE

Great work, i was looking for something similar.
I haven't tried facebook before, in any version etc .

How about the oauth thing, can u explain it, since you spent time with fb api ?

What OAuth thing are you talking about and what clarifications are you looking for? I work with OAuth PEAR library mostly, but given the simplicity of today's API's in-depth knowledge is not required.

I sound like a noob because as i said, i don't have experience using the fb api.
But as far as i know, to connect to facebook and get the data for a certain user, you would need to use oauth in order to do that, isn't this true anymore ?

For example, if i would like to get extended permissions from a user, let's say, to find out his school and birth date, can i achieve it with your examples ?

Yes you can.
By using Facebook tags like:
<fb:login-button perms="publish_stream"> </fb:login-button>
You can request extended permissions, such as publish in the example above.

okay, this is good news as i will use it in a few days for one of the clients.
thanks for sharing Smile

wow... just a piece of unsolicited advice... maybe you can add to the title or post that this "LIBRARY/PLUGIN" has yet to be released... just misleading bro (for the hits maybe)... just saying...

Thanks for the advice. But the guide does exactly what title says - describes how to integrate Facebook into your CI site. The release of Auth Library has nothing to do with this post or FB integration.

Thank you man, thank for sharing..

I will use this to rewrite my code to avoid unnecessary bugs..

this will not work with CI 1.7.3 probably? I'll have to upgrade the site?

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