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upload question


Writing an application with music file, I write the upload code

But what I would like to to is rename the file by the id of the record but keep the extension.

I already rename by 1.mp3 or id but I can I have other extension

I don't know how to check the extension it could be mp3 ogg or wma ...

Quote:$config['file_name'] = $_POST['id'].".mp3";

how to replace ".mp3" but the right code in order to keep the orgininal ext of the file and just rename the name of the file

Ain't gonna work like this .
First, you need to upload the file as it is, then, you get the properties of the uploaded file like
$props = $this->upload->data();
now, $props is an array, containing:
    [file_name]    => mypic.jpg
    [file_type]    => image/jpeg
    [file_path]    => /path/to/your/upload/
    [full_path]    => /path/to/your/upload/jpg.jpg
    [raw_name]     => mypic
    [orig_name]    => mypic.jpg
    [client_name]  => mypic.jpg
    [file_ext]     => .jpg
    [file_size]    => 22.2
    [is_image]     => 1
    [image_width]  => 800
    [image_height] => 600
    [image_type]   => jpeg
    [image_size_str] => width="800" height="200"

Knowing that, you can use rename() to move rename your file to other name, but keep the extension .

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